About Labmotive

Labmotive was founded in 2006 to provide unique software for mobile systems in and around analytical laboratories. We’ve grown since then and now we offer a selection of software development services including bespoke web and mobile development.

Our aim is to provide the world’s leading software for both mobile laboratory instrument/LIMS inter-connectivity and remote sampling.

Labmotive Ltd is registered in England and Wales with Company Registration number 5975119 and VAT number 899 7699 06.

The team and I work hard at Labmotive to deliver powerful and innovative solutions that help our customers to transform their businesses.

Trust is key and trust is earned. From the outset of all of our projects we focus on rapid incremental development and regular delivery. We always strive to foster successful long-term relationships with our clients.

I have a strong personal belief that the best way to build software that provides real value to businesses and users is by working closely with customers throughout the whole development lifecycle.

You can leverage industry best-practices and the technical expertise of our experienced team to realise your next solution.

Come and speak to us. We look forward to working with you.